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COLEGIO CATOLICO SAN ANTONIO es una institución católica, privada y co-educacional de ambiente preparatorio para la Universidad. Tiene la visión de promover una formación integral a sus estudiantes con experiencias eductivas de enfoque tradicional y moderna que desarollen líideres cristianos responsables y comprometidos al servicio de Dios y de Puerto Rico.

Dual Language Program

Grades Kinder - thru 6th

Curriculum in which our students are taught literacy and content in two languages. They are considered "additive" bilingual programs because they teach a subject in two languages fostering bilingualism, biliteracy and enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Middle School

Grades 6th thru 8th

Middle School is a challenging level in seeking academic excellence and to grow into informed, independent and creative thinkers. Cultivating a sense of selfe, grounded in respect and integrity creating a diverse and inclusive community built  on caring and serving others.

San Antonio High School

College Prep Environment

We prepare students for the college level, through academic challenging and excellency. Based on respect for human differences, commitment to community service and guidance towards entering college.


Deportes Cougar

El Cougar representa la gracia y el poder. 
Símbolo de fortaleza y sigilo. 

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